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Welcome to OpenTrade

We're an institutional lending platform for tokenized financial assets
Sign Up Today!: If you're interesting in onboarding to OpenTrade, please contact us at [email protected] and one of our team members will contact you to get the onboarding process started. Please note we are currently experiencing a high volume of onboarding requests and are prioritising those already on the waitlist. Apologies in advance for any delay.
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What is OpenTrade?

OpenTrade is a platform that provides institutions access to a suite of on-chain credit products for tokenised real world assets. Through OpenTrade, institutional investors can lend USDC from their own wallets against investment grade collateral and earn stable, predictable returns.
OpenTrade’s launch products will include secured lending products for U.S. Treasury Bills, investment grade commercial paper, and supply chain finance.
The supply chain finance products will embed USDC payments and financing directly in B2B networks and platforms to make internet-native, on-demand financing available to businesses of all sizes from a global network of non-bank liquidity providers.
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