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We're an institutional lending platform for tokenized financial assets
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What is OpenTrade?

OpenTrade provide's institutional grade platform for lending and yield products for fintechs and institutional investors across Web2 and Web3 ecosystems. We provide a technology platform and legal and operational frameworks and services that support safe, compliant, and scalable lending and yields products for the next generation of financial services & markets.
Use Cases
  • Enabling 3rd parties like exchanges, FinTechs, wallets, and custodians to offers institutional grade yield products backed by RWAs to their users
  • Enabling investors to build diversified portfolios of tokenized fixed income products for themselves and their customers
  • Enabling business to request and receive financing from a network of non-bank lenders, embedded in their existing systems
  • Providing builders with new, composable forms of digital collateral to power the next generation of financial markets
  • All secured with a time tested, bankruptcy remote legal and regulatory framework, operated by regulated investment firms.
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